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1. 宣讲会现场收简历,并进行简单面试

2. 本次宣讲会可敲章

Please send your application to sue_zhu@infosys.com with the subject of Consultant – your name


Associate Consultant / Sr. Associate Consultant / Consultant / Sr. Consultant / Lead Consultant

Be part of the Consulting team or Lead the team, depending upon the seniority of the role, at different stages of the Life Cycle of the project/program from Problem Definition to Diagnosis to Solution Design, Development and Deployment.
Prior Experience:
MBAs preferably with 2 yrs relevant work experience
• Possess excellent domain knowledge on at least 2 business processes thoroughly relevant to the domain.
• Prior experience or knowledge on business process consulting, design and architect, client interfacing skills people management, relationship, planning and vendor management as required.
• Ability to provide Strategic Consulting to client executives and secure their confidence on decision making
• Ability to innovate the methods and frameworks, to analyze with Big Picture perspective
• Ability to plan and manage complex scenarios, to deal with multiple stakeholders and manage conflicts.
• Ability to manage risks proactively
• Ability to work in a team and manage a team as required.
Broad Responsibilities:
• Problem Definition-Conduct secondary research that helps identify problem areas. Analyses the problem faced by the customer, participates in discussions to understand them, gather further data as required and use knowledge base from prior projects and relevant benchmarks. Come out with problem definition document, develop high level solution.

• Solution Evaluation & Recommendation-Understand solutions recommended and explore alternatives based on research (literature survey, information based in public domains etc).

• Architecture Design and Detailing of Processes-Create requirement specifications from business needs. Define detailed functional, process, infrastructure based on requirements.

• Development/Configuration-Configure and build the application, process solution in line with the design document.

• Validation (system)- Documents and publishes test results / cases to the supervisor in order to identify the design and development defects.

• Deployment-Follow steps in deployment as envisaged in the deployment plan, forsee possible cut over are migration issues and resolve the same proactively.

• Pre-Sales Support – Participate in pre-sales pursuits, build solutions, work on effort estimations, guide the other teams on the solutions, own up with proposal cycle.

• Training & Change Management – Prepare training materials using available tools and the design application / target system in order to facilitate training for the key users.

• Knowledge Transfer and System Appreciation - Perform portfolio analysis, analyze transition needs, timelines and maintain knowledge repository

• Build and maintain process repository – In case of identification of new problems or new solutions, reviews the existing repository and updates information in a specified template
• Issue Resolution: Understand the issue; diagnose the root cause and shortlist solution alternatives.

• Strategy & Business Planning – Performs secondary research for very specific items (like data analysis in verticals / functions) as instructed by the manager in order to assist strategy & business planning.

• Marketing & Branding-Create marketing material in the form of case studies or solution documentation.

• Product, Solution Development-Configure and assist in evaluating micro vertical/service/solution requirements on the products, documenting these in presentations and creating solution brochures.

• Contributes to Thought Leadership activities, IP creation.


Infosys Technologies (China) Co. Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, is a fully-owned subsidiary of Infosys Limited (NASDAQ: INFY). Infosys China was founded in 2003 with a vision of becoming a world-class delivery hub offering global consulting and IT services. We provide business consulting, technology, engineering and outsourcing services to help clients build tomorrow’s enterprise.
With a blend of global and local talent, we possess the breadth of skills, languages and coverage companies need in a global partner. The Global Delivery Model (GDM) was pioneered by Infosys and a wealth of practical experience enables us to provide clients with extensive services, which include business and technology consulting, application services, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, maintenance, re-engineering, independent testing and validation services, IT infrastructure services and business process outsourcing. We are organized around industry verticals and have continuously invested in domain expertise to understand the details of their specific industry and the unique IT requirements involved.
Infosys China has the distinction of being the first company in China to achieve assessment in the industry-standard CMMI Level 5 (v1.2) process quality benchmark. In 2007, Infosys China achieved certification in ISO 27001, the global standard for data security operations.
Infosys is laser-focused on being your reliable partner who can help you in deriving the measurable business value from business and IT investments.

    Infosys(印孚瑟斯)公司是一家印度软件公司,在全球拥有雇员超过130,000名,分布于30多个国家, 72个主要城市。Infosys作为全球咨询信息技术服务提供商,提供咨询、模式化全球采购、行业解决方案、技术架构和设计、BPO服务、 质量和测试服务等一系列完善的业务服务。Infosys市场总值超过442亿美金,年收入60.41亿美金。与全球612家客户的合作领域包括保险、医疗健康与生命科学、高科技与制造、零售与快速消费品、汽车与航空航天、能源与公用事业、运输与物流、 银行与 资本市场等,拥有与全球客户良好的合作记录。

    作为Infosys(印孚瑟斯)公司的全资子公司,印孚瑟斯技术(中国)有限公司成立于2003年,注册资本超过2,300万美元, 雇员超过3,300人,服务的跨国客户超过87个跨国公司。在上海浦东张江高科技园区、杭州滨江高科技园区、北京中海广场和大连均设有世界一流的开发中心,在香港设有销售代表办事处,在嘉兴市设有可容纳500名学员的全球教育中心。2011财年收入为7,800万美元。目标在三年内实现中国区10000余名员工的规模。


    秉持Infosys对质量的一贯坚持,印孚瑟斯技术(中国)有限公司于2007年8月成为中国第一家通过CMMI LEVEL5 V1.2 认证的软件咨询服务公司,并在同年9月通过ISO27001认证, 在2009年应邀请成为IBLAC(上海市市长国际企业家咨询理事会)的新成员,获“2010-2011年中国最佳人力资源团队”及“ 2010-2011 中国人才管理奖”荣誉,并被评选为“2011中国十大全球服务供应商” 。印孚瑟斯技术(中国)有限公司正以快速的扩张速度和全方位的服务,致力成为中国最好的软件咨询服务公司!